Folding Trailer One Rail

Folding Trailer One Rail
Item#: FLDTR1R

Foldable Motorcycle Trailer (Space Saver!) 
For Sport Bikes, Dirt Bikes and Cruiser Bikes

loading capacity  1800lb 

Wheel Size
10x8x20.5 5lug 

 color black 
 width 71in 
 length 9.5ft 
 folded height 8ft 
 weight 330 
 ball size 2in 

For any sport bike, cruiser bike or dirt bike. 7ft rail fits
up to 190mm tire. Trailer bed size is 4ft x 6ft. Storage room
for loading ramp. Can be converted for two or three bikes
(3 bikes for dirt bikes only) Comes unassembled.

Price: $650.00